Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance allows you to cover any vehicles such as bikes, cars and vans that are delivering and transporting goods in exchange for money. We specialise in insuring a fleet of couriers so if your company has up to 500 vehicles, we can insure these all under the same policy, helping your save money in the process. We can insure couriers for the following:

  • Takeaways and deliveries
  • Foodstuffs
  • Materials
  • Medical equipment and organs
  • Gifts and parcels

We are an authorised credit broker working with a number of leading insurance companies in the UK. To receive a quote today, simply call us on 0800 231 5129 or enter a few basic details to get your application started.


Information We Require

Simply call us on 0800 231 5129 and we can provide you a quote today. When speaking to one of our advisors, we will require the following information:

Vehicle makes and registration numbers

Driver information

Annual mileage

Claims history

Motor Certificates