Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance allows you to cover several vehicles under the same policy. They typically result in a huge saving because you are purchasing your insurance in bulk and you save a lot of time with the administration because all your vehicles fall under the same account.

How many vehicles can be insured under the one policy?

5 to 500 vehicles can be insured under the same account. The vehicles can all be the same type (e.g taxi, company car) and we also allow you to insure different types of bikes, cars and vans under one plan.

Are you an insurance company?

No, we are a licensed insurance broker, FCA register number 465471. We work with over 30 of the best insurance companies in the UK so that we can review a number of policies at once and find the best deal for you.

Can different vehicles be put under the same policy?

Yes, even if you have classic bikes, collector cars, taxis and vans, we can put them under one roof. What is different about our policies is that we can use more than one insurer such as classic car specialists and van insurers and still put them under one account. So you can access the best level of cover and the prices too.

Are all fleet insurance policies the same?

No, working with over 30 different insurers, they are several deals, discounts and offers available which we can be used for your fleet. We treat every enquiry as separate and our advisors find a policy and price to suit your requirements. We will also look for ways to save you money such as boosting your security features, paying more voluntary excess and using a no claims bonus.

What vehicles can you insure?

We can insure the following vehicles under a fleet:

  • cars
  • bikes
  • vans
  • lorries
  • trucks
  • classic vehicles
  • company cars
  • taxis/cabs

and more…

What vehicles cannot be insured?

We cannot insure those vehicles already on a private car insurance policy.

Can I drive any vehicle?

If you opt for the ‘any driver’ extension, it means that you can drive all the vehicles on your fleet and anyone who’s name is registered on the policy can also drive any vehicle. Being insured on one of our fleet insurance policies does not mean that you are automatically insured to drive anyone else’s vehicle not on your policy.

Do you offer insurance to those with motoring convictions?

Yes, by working with so many different insurance companies, we have specialist providers that can cater to those with drinking, driving or criminal convictions.

Can I use my no claims bonus?

Absolutely, using your no claims bonus means that you could receive discounts of up to 80% provided you have been driving for several year without making a claim. Speak to one of our advisors for more information.

How long does it take to get insured?

We can provide you with a competitive quote within 30 minutes and get you insured in less than 24 hours provided that you have completed all the necessary paperwork.

How do I make a claim?

In the event of a claim, you must contact us immediately by email or phone. All correspondence received from any third party must be forwarded to us immediately upon receipt and failing to do so may put your compensation at risk.

As part of our service, we will always assist you with any claim including the recovery of any uninsured losses. This service is provided by our uninsured loss protection service (Crusader) who may be able to offer you a replacement vehicles. We also provide free legal assistance to pursue any losses but please note this service is not an insurance policy and as such is not governed by the personal customer code.

How do I renew my policy?

Your plan will be renewed on an annual basis and you will typically contact you on the weeks leading up to your renewal by email, phone and post. Huge savings on your premium can be made upon renewal. For starters, you get better rates as a loyal customer and if you have been driving claim free that year, there are more discounts to be made.

Is there a fee for changing my policy?

We may charge a small administration fee for making changes to your policy including changing drivers, names, vehicles and cancelling your policy in under 14 days.

Is Fleet Insurance only for business?

No, you can also use fleet insurance your personal collection of cars or classic vehicles. You may find a multi car insurance policy is better for this but fortunately, this is something that we can offer too!