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How to get a motorbike licence

Getting a motorbike licence differs naturally from getting a regular vehicle licence from the learning process to the theory test to the practical test.

You will be well aware that before you can freely ride your motorbike on UK roads, you will need to pass your motorbike test.

In this guide on Fleets Insurance, we will helping get on the road to achieving your motorbike licence in no time. There will be a few things to be aware of when aiming to get your licence, but if you are prepared, you will be a fully-fledged biker in no time at all.

Applying for a provisional licence

Before you are able to take any test, you will need to apply for a provisional licence. This will be the same licence which will allow you to drive a car provisionally, so if you already have this or a full UK licence (ie you have passed your standard driving test) you can skip this step completely.

Provisional licences are green whilst full licences are pink.

If you have a full driving licence already, you may be entitled to ride a 50cc moped without any additional training. This will depend on when you have passed your driving test.

The provisional licence will cost you £34 if you do need to apply for one online or £43 if you choose to apply by post. After you have made your application, it should take 1-2 weeks for the licence to get to you.

Passing the motorcycle theory test

Just like with a standard driving test, you will need to complete a theory test.


The motorbike theory test does follow the same sort of format as the same driving theory test:

  • A 50 question, multiple choice test
  • A Hazard perception test which uses video clips

There are plenty of practice motorbike theory tests you can take before you go and do it for real.

To take the motorbike theory test, it will cost you £23 and it should only take about an hour to complete.

You will need to get 43/50 on the multiple-choice section and you will need to achieve 44/75 on the hazard perception round in order to pass your motor bike theory test. You will be told straight away if you passed or not.

When you pass, it will be valid for two years so you must complete your practice test in this time to avoid having to pay to complete the test again.

Compulsory basic training (CBT)

Before you can take lessons, you will need to complete a CBT. It involves a day’s ride where you will learn the basics of using the bike. It is not a test, it is a training day.

To do the training, it costs £130 but the price can vary from instructor to instructor.

The test will cover:

  • an eyesight check
  • basic maintenance checks
  • braking
  • manoeuvring
  • changing gear
  • riding behaviour
  • riding in typical traffic conditions
  • U-turns
  • emergency stops

Motorbike lessons

Once you have done your CBT, how you learn to ride the bike will ultimately be up to you. You can:

  • learn to ride with an experienced biker to build up your experience
  • take hourly lessons alongside a qualified instructor
  • take an intensive course – these can cost anywhere from £400 to £900, dependant on your level of experience.


Practical Motor Bike Test

The practical test is split into two modules. The first module is an off-road riding test which will cover a number of basics. These include:

  • wheeling around the bike
  • riding in a figure of 8
  • emergency and controlled stops

The second module is an on-road riding test which will cover topics including:

  • Road riding
  • Independent riding
  • “Show me, tell me” safety questions

The test will cost you £15.50 for the first module and £75 for the second.


The time it takes to complete this test will be around an hour for both modules together.

Upgrading your licence

Things are a little bit more complicated for a motor cyclist to get their licence. The kind of motorbike licence you will get depends on a variety of things, including your age for example.

Once you have your motorcycle licence you can officially rip off those L-plates and get on the road safely and legally!



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