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Car insurance premiums continue to rise

Posted: 18/07/2019

Car insurance premiums rise by a third It has been revealed in the most recent data collected from 2018, that UK drivers have had their car premiums rise by over a third since 2015, with one of the main reasons that have attributed to this rise is a change in government policy. Car insurance premiums Continue Reading →

New temporary car insurance ‘Jaunt’ lanches

Posted: 12/07/2019

New temporary car insurance policy is launched Earlier this month, a brand new temporary car insurance policy scheme has been released by the insurer BGL, under a new brand, Jaunt. The idea behind Jaunt is that drivers will be able to get comprehensive car insurance to use someone else’s car for a period of up Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons for Driverless Cars

Posted: 20/05/2019

With the likes of Waymo and Lyft bringing self-driving cars into everyday transport technology, driverless cars could very much be a norm in our foreseeable future. Although this exciting and innovative technology could completely revolutionise the way in which transportation is run, as many strengths as there are to this comes a list of potential Continue Reading →

How to Get a Licence for Driving a Lorry and/or Bus

Posted: 17/05/2019

When considering a job that entails operating large vehicles such as a lorry or bus, there are numerous different things to consider. Even if you have a standard driver’s license, there are many other qualifications that are needed to operate such vehicles. This is due to the nature of these vehicles, being considerably larger and Continue Reading →

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Car

Posted: 15/05/2019

Whether sentimentally attached to an old car or simply not wanting to go through the hassle of selling/disposing of it, there are many different reasons why car owners will put off upgrading to a new model. Although for many people, the idea of buying a new car may seem both expensive and time consuming, once Continue Reading →