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The history of the car

Posted: 17/07/2018

We see cars every day and they are part of modern day life. In fact, many of us simply cannot imagine our life without a car and simply “cannot live” without one. But, what we have today has taken years of development and quite frankly is beyond the wildest dreams of the original creators of Continue Reading →

What is a theory test?

Posted: 13/07/2018

Before you can take your practical driving test, which allows you to drive unsupervised on UK roads legally, you will need to complete a theory test. If you are a learner driver, you must take the theory test not only before you can complete the actual driving test, but before you can even book it. Continue Reading →

Top tips to help you pass your driving test

Posted: 01/07/2018

Learning to drive is one of life’s biggest milestones, and understandably, this means that when the day comes to put your skills to the test and get your full driving license, you can end up being full of nerves. However, use Fleets Insurance’s top tips to get you through your big day (and hopefully help Continue Reading →

Debunking car insurance myths

Posted: 30/06/2018

There are a number of common misconceptions when it comes to car insurance, unfortunately, it could very well be the case that it is these myths that are affecting your ability to get the best deal available on the market, or even worse, these widely-held beliefs could be in fact invalidating the policy you currently Continue Reading →

Insuring a Category D car

Posted: 28/06/2018

Providing that you know what you are doing, deciding to purchase a category D car can be a fantastic way to cut down on costs. However, many people in the UK are unaware of exactly what a category D car is, or the potential pitfalls that may be involved, never mind knowing how to go Continue Reading →