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Will my UK driver’s license be valid after Brexit?

Posted: 07/12/2018

It is true that Brexit is causing a lot of uncertainty for everyone and in a variety of different sectors, from people’s personal livelihood to the property market. It is causing so much uncertainty that some fear that their driving licenses, will not be valid once Britain officially exits the European Union. This is because Continue Reading →

Ways to get the cheapest car insurance

Posted: 05/12/2018

One of the biggest expenses of owning a car and driving is the car insurance. It is a legal requirement to have some form of car insurance in place for you to be able to drive on UK roads, therefore it is not optional. The only way you can drive your car without insurance is Continue Reading →

How to get a motorbike licence

Posted: 20/11/2018

Getting a motorbike licence differs naturally from getting a regular vehicle licence from the learning process to the theory test to the practical test. You will be well aware that before you can freely ride your motorbike on UK roads, you will need to pass your motorbike test. In this guide on Fleets Insurance, we Continue Reading →

What can invalidate your car insurance?

Posted: 19/11/2018

Nobody wants the shock of finding out their car insurance is invalid, but there are a number of things which you may be unaware of that will make your car insurance invalid. Not everyone is going to take the time to read the fine print when taking out an insurance policy, meanwhile, statistics have shown Continue Reading →

Brits ‘violating’ their car insurance policies?

Posted: 02/11/2018

Recent statistics have shown that around Half of British drivers have knowingly ‘violated’ their car insurance policy by committing offences that void their car insurance. Many people do things which may infringe their car insurance policies without knowing what they are doing would result in it. After all, not everyone takes the time to read Continue Reading →