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How Fleet Insurance is Changing Under Covid-19

Posted: 20/07/2020

Covid-19 has brought a whole new set of challenges to businesses and the role of insurance is crucial to provide adequate protection of income, jobs and more. Fleet insurance is no different, with several businesses insuring multiple cars, bikes or vans, and their policies are likely to change in many ways to reflect the different Continue Reading →

The Problems with Using Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) for Purchasing Cars

Posted: 26/03/2020

90% of people in the UK currently use personal contract purchase (PCP) as a way of purchasing cars on finance – however, an investigation led by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has highlighted that this may not be in the best of the customers, with the average motorist spending up to £1,100 than they need Continue Reading →

How to future-proof your fleet: things to look out for

Posted: 12/08/2019

What is the size of the UK company’s fleets? It is estimated that the size of the UK’s company fleet has remained stable over the past decade, amounting to just under one million in total. However, in the most recent (provisional) statistics looking at this data for 2017/2018, the Government predicts that this number is Continue Reading →

Car insurance premiums continue to rise

Posted: 18/07/2019

Car insurance premiums rise by a third It has been revealed in the most recent data collected from 2018, that UK drivers have had their car premiums rise by over a third since 2015, with one of the main reasons that have attributed to this rise is a change in government policy. Car insurance premiums Continue Reading →

New temporary car insurance ‘Jaunt’ lanches

Posted: 12/07/2019

New temporary car insurance policy is launched Earlier this month, a brand new temporary car insurance policy scheme has been released by the insurer BGL, under a new brand, Jaunt. The idea behind Jaunt is that drivers will be able to get comprehensive car insurance to use someone else’s car for a period of up Continue Reading →