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The Pros and Cons for Driverless Cars

Posted: 20/05/2019

With the likes of Waymo and Lyft bringing self-driving cars into everyday transport technology, driverless cars could very much be a norm in our foreseeable future. Although this exciting and innovative technology could completely revolutionise the way in which transportation is run, as many strengths as there are to this comes a list of potential Continue Reading →

How to Get a Licence for Driving a Lorry and/or Bus

Posted: 17/05/2019

When considering a job that entails operating large vehicles such as a lorry or bus, there are numerous different things to consider. Even if you have a standard driver’s license, there are many other qualifications that are needed to operate such vehicles. This is due to the nature of these vehicles, being considerably larger and Continue Reading →

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Car

Posted: 15/05/2019

Whether sentimentally attached to an old car or simply not wanting to go through the hassle of selling/disposing of it, there are many different reasons why car owners will put off upgrading to a new model. Although for many people, the idea of buying a new car may seem both expensive and time consuming, once Continue Reading →

The rise of ‘ghost brokers’

Posted: 21/04/2019

We all understand that having fleet insurance or a standard car insurance policy is vital if we are driving a vehicle on the roads, in order to make sure both we are covered in the event of an accident, or if others are injured or cars are damaged. These days, many of us decide to Continue Reading →

Driving in the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Posted: 26/03/2019

At the moment, it seems like every single day involves a new political development when it comes to what will happen, or not, in terms of the outcome of Brexit referendum. For those who are in the middle of trying to make plans for travelling around Europe in the next coming months, it is undoubtedly Continue Reading →