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Brits ‘violating’ their car insurance policies?

Posted: 02/11/2018

Recent statistics have shown that around Half of British drivers have knowingly ‘violated’ their car insurance policy by committing offences that void their car insurance. Many people do things which may infringe their car insurance policies without knowing what they are doing would result in it. After all, not everyone takes the time to read Continue Reading →

The dos and don’ts of making a claim on your car insurance

Posted: 31/10/2018

Having some form of insurance on your motor vehicle is a legal requirement and it can also be extremely beneficial to you if you find yourself in an accident. It is true that any one of us can be involved in an accident, no matter how careful you, it could happen to you. Therefore, it Continue Reading →

Should you buy an electric car?

Posted: 31/08/2018

You may be aware of the new technology which is seemingly becoming increasingly more popular is the electric car. However, concerns about range and a lack of charging points at this point in time have really held back sales. You may have heard of electric cars, but what exactly are they? Electric cars are quite Continue Reading →

Why were women not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia?

Posted: 03/08/2018

In a recent bill, Saudi Arabia declared it legal for women to be able to drive a vehicle and obtain a full driving license. Now, every country in the world allows women to drive, but Saudi Arabia was the only country before they passed the bill that stopped women from having the right to get Continue Reading →

How to pass your driving test

Posted: 01/08/2018

When it comes to your practical driving test, there are many things which you have to remember to keep in mind when you are taking it. Passing your driving test is actually a lot deeper than simply being able to understand how to drive well. There are certain criteria that you need to fulfil which Continue Reading →