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A guide to spring cleaning your car

Posted: 12/03/2019

It may not always seem like it, but spring is on its way, slowly but surely! No driver particularly looks forward to having to do a bit of spring cleaning when it comes to there vehicle, but it is important for a number of reasons: such as your safety and also when it comes to Continue Reading →

The different types of speed cameras

Posted: 10/03/2019

Whatever your feelings may be regarding speed cameras – and for a great many drivers, they are one of the most contentious issues when it comes to driving- you have to abide by them regardless, as getting caught speeding by a camera could end up affecting your car insurance, including if you are insuring for Continue Reading →

Brexit fears are increasing car insurance costs

Posted: 09/02/2019

It has been revealed recently that due to worries about the outcome of Brexit, car insurance costs have ended up increasing. According to research conducted by the car insurer AA in January, the cost of car insurance and fleet insurance policies (that is, a fully comprehensive policy) has risen by over 2.7% in just three Continue Reading →

Will my UK driver’s license be valid after Brexit?

Posted: 07/12/2018

It is true that Brexit is causing a lot of uncertainty for everyone and in a variety of different sectors, from people‚Äôs personal livelihood to the property market. It is causing so much uncertainty that some fear that their driving licenses, will not be valid once Britain officially exits the European Union. This is because Continue Reading →

Ways to get the cheapest car insurance

Posted: 05/12/2018

One of the biggest expenses of owning a car and driving is the car insurance. It is a legal requirement to have some form of car insurance in place for you to be able to drive on UK roads, therefore it is not optional. The only way you can drive your car without insurance is Continue Reading →