Small and Mini Fleet Insurance

What is a Small Fleet? 

A small fleet of vehicles consists of 2,3,4 or 5 vehicles belonging to the same company with some insurers consider a small fleet to be as many as 15. Being responsible for several vehicles on the UK roads comes with a legal obligation to make sure that you have the right insurance in place.

Small fleet insurance is designed to suit those small businesses who do not have a large fleet but still need more protection that a regular car insurance policy. It can be very expensive to insure lots of drivers under their own individual policies, especially if you have several drivers sharing the vehicles. Therefore, it makes sense to apply for mini fleet insurance and put all your vehicles under one single motor insurance certificate which comes with

  • One policy and documents
  • One renewal date
  • One payment

By applying for a fleet insurance policy, you are simplifying all the paperwork and administration and making life so much easier by having one renewal date and payment. Above all, you make a big saving by putting everything under one roof. It is like you are buying insurance in bulk so you can get a discount for every extra vehicle you insure.

To speak to one of our dedicated team members, simply call us today on 0800 231 5129 and we will ask you a few simple questions about your vehicle and provide with you a competitive quote over the phone. If you prefer, you can also request a call back or request a quote below and someone from our team will get back to you today.

To speak to our team of advisors, call us today on 0800 231 5129 for a free and no obligation quote.


2,3,4 or 5 vehicles under one policy

We consider all vehicles for your mini fleet

Free legal cover included

Discounts of purchasing in bulk

Any driver extension available


Mini Fleet Insurance – What Vehicles Do You Cover? 

We cover all kinds of vehicles and you can also put a mixture of bikes, cars and vans under the same policy. We cover:

  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Vans
  • Tippers
  • Trucks
  • Minibuses
  • Taxis
  • Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs)

We are used to providing cover for a variety of industries including construction, wholesales, couriers, retailers, taxi operators and more. We can also provide mini fleet insurance for personal use if you have a lot of vehicles in the driveway or a collection of cars.

The best part is that we work with over 30 leading insurance providers in the UK who are specialists in their industry, whether it is construction or classic models. So if you have a specific industry that you use your vehicles for, it is likely that we will be able to introduce you with the right insure to match it. You also have the opportunity to not only mix different vehicles but also use more than one insurer under the same policy. For instance, if you have a combination of bikes and vans, we can insure them separately with specialist companies and still put everything into one policy for you.

Any Driver For Your Small Fleet Insurance 

The policies we facilitate allow you to add the ‘any driver’ extension to your vehicles, giving you the flexibility and capacity to run a successful business. For numerous drivers that share vehicles and have different shifts, it is a great way to allow your staff to carry out their work and be fully insured. All the drivers need is a valid UK or EU driver’s license and be registered on the insurance policy to drive any vehicle under your fleet.

What Cover is Available? 

Third party only: This is the minimum legal requirement for driving a vehicle on UK roads and only protects other drivers, pedestrians and properties and does not provide cover to your own driver or vehicle.

Third party, fire, flood and theft: This level of cover also includes damages to your vehicle by fire, flooding or vandalism. In the event of a theft, it can replace your vehicle or contribute towards a new one and certainly help you get a courtesy car in the interim.

Fully comprehensive: This is the highest level of cover available and includes third party, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, other perils and also any damage to the driver’s wellbeing and vehicle. Although this is a maximum cover, it is not necessarily the dearest as insurers want to encourage more cover where possible.

Public liability: For your business, it is likely that your staff and vehicles will be coming into contact with the public on a daily basis. In the event of an accident caused by your business activity, you may be held liable for any damages and compensation to the victim. For instance, something falls off your vehicle and injuries a pedestrian, you will be responsible for any replacements and payments to the injured party. Businesses can apply for public liability insurance depending on the size of their business, ranging from £1 million to £10 million. Read more here about public liability insurance.

Legal cover: This is automatically included with every new policy taken out through Fleets Insurance. In the event that you are involved in a legal battle over an accident or compensation claim, this will pay for any solicitor, legal and court fees towards defending your claim.

Goods in transit: If you are transporting goods as part of your business, there is always the risk that they will be stolen, lost or damaged during transit and you will be held responsible for any replacements and reimbursements. With GIT insurance, the value of the contents can be covered and you will be able to replace any items without incurring any losses.

Employers liability: As a business owner, you have a legal duty to insure any staff that you employ unless they are family members. Employers liability insurance covers you for any damages inflicted on staff as a result of their business activity. So if they are injured in a car accident, due to heavy lifting or whilst transporting goods, your insurance will be able to pay for any medical bills, time off work and loss of income.

Ways to Save Money On Your Policy

Working with Fleets Insurance, we will always try to get you the best level of cover at the most competitive price. By working with us as a broker, we are able to review the market and find you the most affordable rates and offers, compared to applying with just one insurer where you are limited to the products and fees that they charge.

Our team will always talk through the different options to get you the best deal including adding safety features to your vehicle (such as keeping your fleet in a garage) and paying a higher voluntary excess. If you or your team has several years of claim-free driving, they will be able to take advantage of a no claims bonus, giving them a discount of up to 65% over time.