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Will my UK driver’s license be valid after Brexit?

It is true that Brexit is causing a lot of uncertainty for everyone and in a variety of different sectors, from people’s personal livelihood to the property market.

It is causing so much uncertainty that some fear that their driving licenses, will not be valid once Britain officially exits the European Union. This is because a UK drivers license is also valid in the EU. If you look at the physical licence, you will see an EU flag in the corner.

Fleets Insurance investigates.

Will I be able to drive around the EU with my UK driver’s license?

The UK government stated that after March 2019 “your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself” in the EU. This came to light in the latest no deal planning papers.  Until this time, you can still rest assured that your driving licence is 100% valid.


They go on to warn the Britons travelling to the EU that they need to make sure that they have at least six months left to run on it.

International Driving Permits & A No Deal Brexit

You will still be able to drive in the EU when we leave, but it has been forecast that UK drivers wanting to do so will need International Driving Permits (IDP)


A previous study by the National Audit Office has suggested that between 100,000 and 7 million international driving permits may need to be issued in the first year. This is if no Brexit deal is reached.

To get an international permit currently, it will cost you £5.50 and are available from a number of post offices.


This is said to be an extra burden for British drivers who want to drive whilst on holiday abroad. It is very likely that many will rush to get their IDPs is a no deal Brexit goes through.

If these IDPs are introduced, they will simply be an additional document which is to be carried alongside your valid driving licence. This need to be applied for before the date of travel.

It is also likely that the type of IDP will depend on the EU country you are intending to drive in. It is currently required for UK drivers to obtain an IDP if they wish to drive in Japan, certain US states and other countries which are not in the EU.

Interestingly, the NAO report did not rule out that this could apply to Ireland, stating that it is up to the Irish government if they require an international driving permit from a UK driver.

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