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Fleet insurance allows you to cover numerous cars, bikes and vans under the same policy and save money when you do. If you are looking to insure between 2 and 500 vehicles under the one account for personal or business purposes, you will receive a discount the more vehicles you insure. We work with some of the best fleet insurance companies in the UK so we can provide a competitive quote for you. Simply call us today or request a quote online by filling in a few basic details. One of our insurance advisors will be in touch with you immediately to give you a quotation and process your application as quickly as possible.

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The Benefits of Fleet Insurance

Instead of having many different types of vehicle insurance policies for every vehicle you own, lease or hire and then having to worry about their different renewal dates, terms and conditions– fleet insurance allows you to have all your cars and vans under one policy, saving you time, hassle and money. Administration becomes simpler with a single flexible policy and competitive monthly payment terms help with your cash flow. For those with lots of cars, cabs, bikes, white vans and HGVs, the potential savings can easily run in to thousands of pounds.

Businesses owners, car owners and collectors will have the flexibility to add or remove vehicles at any time. Firms can also add new drivers subject to the insurer’s age and experience restrictions to drive their company vehicles, which is ideal for all types of businesses including taxis firms, couriers and those that work in the construction industry.

Upon receiving your enquiry or phone call, Fleets Insurance will take down a few details and put you in touch with one of our specialist fleet insurance providers. If you prefer, you can request a callback below and one of our dedicated staff members will be in touch with you immediately.

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Fleet Insurance Any Driver Policy

Most policies will be issued on an ‘any driver’ basis, which means that anyone over the insurance policy stated minimum age can use any of the vehicles on the policy, at any time. This is perfect for businesses that have lots of employees and would like their staff to use any of the business’ cars or vans.

For taxi companies, couriers or lorry drivers, it means that if a vehicle breaks down, the driver can simply continue driving another vehicle that is insured on the policy and there is no interruption to the business. Similarly, if a member of staff is sick or injured and cannot drive, it means that another employee can pop into your vehicle and carry on with their business activity as per usual.


Third Party to Fully Comprehensive

Whether it is for regular car insurance or fleets insurance, it is a legal requirement for all vehicles in the UK to have insurance in place if they are driving on the road. You will not need to purchase insurance if you have declared your vehicle off-road and it will not be used on UK roads. To do this, you will need to make a SORN for your vehicle.

The most basic level of cover offered by Fleets Insurance is ‘third party’ which will provide compensation to members of the public that are injured, or damage to third party vehicles and property as a result of your driving. So if you are in an accident, your third party cover will pay for any of the victims legal fees, medical bills and the repairs to their vehicle – however, it will not offer any cover towards your own injuries or damage to your vehicle.

The next level up from this is ‘third party, fire and theft’ so that it protects third parties and will also repair and replace your vehicle in the event of a fire or if your vehicle is lost or stolen. The highest level of cover is ‘fully comprehensive’ and includes third party, fire and theft and also any damage to yourself and vehicle. Despite being the most cover available, the cost of purchasing this is very similar to ‘third party’ and may even be cheaper.

Additional Policies Available

Your Fleet insurance policy will automatically cover your liability should an accident happen to members of the public and their property whilst you are driving. It’s a legal requirement under the Road Traffic Act that you have this insurance. But what happens if an accident happens when you’re not driving?

Public Liability is not a legal requirement, but it’s prudent for all businesses to have it. It will help with the legal costs necessary in defending an allegation that you as a business have or perhaps have not done something in the course of your normal business activities and as a result a third party has been injured or their property has been damaged. If your defence fails, the insurance policy will pay the compensation awarded by the courts.

This type of policy will usually be arranged separately and not as an extension of your Fleet policy. However some insurers will give an additional discount if you have more than one policy with them. Public Liability policies can typically be arranged with a limit indemnity of £1 million, £2 million, £5 million or £10 million. Higher limits of indemnity are available and Be Wiser will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Your liability to your customers for damage or loss of goods and equipment that you are carrying will need to be insured under a Goods in Transit insurance policy as your Fleet insurance policy won’t provide much cover if any at all. You may also want to insure your own goods as well. It may be possible to combine both Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance under one policy and it may be more cost effective if you do.

Goods in Transit insurance is commonly used to protect the goods and equipment that a company is transporting whether those items are their own or being carried on behalf of a client. In the event that goods are lost, stolen or damaged during transit, the contents insurance can pay towards any reimbursements, loss of income or to replace valuable stock. The amount of contents cover you require will depend on the value and quantity of the stock etc. that is being carried. Cover will usually be arranged on an “All Risks” basis which means that the items being transported are covered for the sum insured that you select. As a Haulier you may want to limit your liability for any damage to the goods you carry for your customer and a Haulage Liability insurance policy may be more suitable.
A Haulage Liability insurance policy is best suited to businesses working in the haulage, courier, tanker car transporter and furniture removal sectors, in fact any business that carries goods for hire and reward. If you transport your customer’s goods under certain contract conditions such as RHA or CMR conditions of carriage, your insurance cover will be limited to a certain amount by weight of the goods carried. So if you operate under the current standard RHA conditions your liability for each customer is £1,300 per tonne (although higher limits are available) and that will be the level of cover that you need, irrespective of the actual value of the goods carried. CMR conditions of carriage work in a similar way to RHA conditions of carriage and are more common terms when carrying your customers’ goods abroad.
Employers Liability insurance is required by law for all businesses with employees and is usually purchased in conjunction with Public Liability insurance as it is difficult to purchase this cover as a standalone. Essentially an EL insurance policy covers the business’ legal costs when defending a claim brought by an employee alleging that they have been injured or made ill as a result of the work they do for you. Whilst the legal minimum cover required is £5 million most insurers automatically provide a limit of indemnity of £10 million. Failing to have employers liability can lead to a daily fine of £2,500 for a company, highlighting how important it is. (Source: Gov.uk)

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